Community-based observations of changes in the seasonal cycle in Alaska's Arctic

Coastal Water Profiles and CTD Data

Billy Adams taking CTD casts near Utqiagvik.

CTD = conductivity, temperature, depth

Electronic CTD devices can examine water properties to detect how the conductivity and temperature of the water column change relative to depth. 

Conductivity is a measure of how well a solution conducts electricity. Conductivity is directly related to salinity, which is the concentration of salt and other inorganic compounds in seawater. When combined with temperature data, salinity measurements can be used to determine seawater density, which is a primary driving force for major ocean currents.

Why these data are useful

Scientists analyze CTD data make inferences about the occurrence of certain biological processes, such as the growth of algae. Sudden changes, or anomalies, in one or more of the properties being measured may alert scientists to an unusual occurrence, such as an active hydrothermal vent.  Source: NOAA Ocean Explorer

Download CTD data

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