New maps available: ice trails used by Utqiaġvik whalers

Similar to previous years, we are excited to share ice trail maps used by Utqiaġvik whalers, including a map of ice thickness along the trails. Josh Jones (AAOKH) and Matt Drukenmiller (NSIDC) have taken the lead on this mapping effort, with support from Craig George, Kimberly Kivvaq Pikok, and several team members from the UAF Sea Ice group.

Best wishes for the rest of the whaling season, and quyanaqpak to Utqiaġvik whalers, the North Slope Borough, and UIC Science for their additional support of this effort!

Photo by AAOKH Observer Billy Adams, who shared on 20 April 2022: “conditions have been -10f and warm up about 7 am till 8 at night, east winds have been 5 mph all week keeping the lead open for the whalers. On April 18, 2022 3 ingutuq whales were landed.”

Learn more about the history of these trails, our efforts to map them, and explore some data here.