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Alaska Arctic Observatory & Knowledge Hub: Community-based observations of changes in the seasonal cycle in Alaska's Arctic

Utqiagvik trail mapping 2019

The ice trail mapping in Utqiagvik has begun for Spring 2019. The attached image shows the locations for trails and crew locations as of 16 April 2019 and ice thickness measurements will begin soon. Read full story

Ice breakout event at Utqiagvik

Billy Adams recently recorded an “ice breakout” event offshore of Utqiagvik. The landfast sea ice in front of town detached with the recent warm temperatures and winds, which is quite unusual for February.

This event has big implications for safe travel, hunting, wildlife management, etc. Billy’s photos are below.

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New AAOKH poster presentation

AAOKH Research Coordinator Josh Jones is at the 2018 meeting of the American Geophysical Union this week to present information about how we’re supporting northern Alaska coastal communities as they share local observations of change. Stop by his poster tomorrow morning, 14 December, at #782 and see a preview here!

Thanks also to our contributors and co-authors: Donna Hauser, Olivia Lee, Hajo Eicken, Matt Druckenmiller, Heather McFarland, Billy Adams, Steven Patkotak, and Joe Leavitt.

AAOKH poster Read full story

Launch of new observation and data mapping tool

We have just launched of a new map-based tour of AAOKH data! Check it out here:

It is also posted as a menu option on the AAOKH site.

Our goal with this tool is to facilitate the sharing of coastal conditions in combination with observations collected by members of coastal communities in the context of a changing seasonal cycle. This approach can help track environmental change from a community perspective. The tour below will give you an idea of the types of curated data AAOKH helps to share and make accessible. We will make future updates, so we Read full story

Radio interview with KBRW

Listen in on the KBRW radio interview on April 5, 2018 with our Utqiagvik observer Billy Adams, and AAOKH Science Lead, Donna Hauser to hear a little more about the AAOKH project. Read full story

Come learn about AAOKH!

Tuesday, April 5, 7:00 pm at the Tuzzy Consortium Library, Ilisagvik College, Utqiaġvik

Presented by Dr. Donna Hauser, UAF International Arctic Research Center. Join Donna as she explains the Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub (AAOKH), a community based coastal observing project and database of sea ice, ocean, and wildlife observations in northern communities.

Donna will share recent coastal and sea ice observations and activities, as well as how to get involved in the project and give feedback. Read full story