Congrats to Roberta, Mik’, and Kim on recent student presentations!!

By donnahauser | April 6, 2021

One of our goals at AAOKH is to create STEM opportunities for research and engagement for Alaska Native students, and our current AAOKH-affiliated students certainly make us proud! Check out these recent student-led scientific presentations. Check out a copy of Roberta Turraaq Glenn’s recent presentation at Arctic Science Summit Week, where she was also a…

Learn more about AAOKH via the virtual 2021 Alaska Marine Science Symposium

By donnahauser | January 27, 2021

The virtual Alaska Marine Science Symposium is happening online this week. Each day features panel discussions and keynote events broadcast live at their conference site and over social media, including facebook live. Thursday’s focus is the Arctic region. Panel discussions on each day include Indigenous perspectives from the region or representation from Indigenous-led organizations. AAOKH…

Winter 2020 AAOKH Newsletter published online and in the mail!

By donnahauser | January 6, 2021

We’re excited to share the latest edition of the AAOKH newsletter, which should also soon be arriving in the mailboxes of AAOKH communities! Learn more about summer-fall observations and environmental conditions, new student and staff additions to our team, perspectives from our observers, and other great features. Read it online here!

AAOKH presents info about Utqiaġvik ice trail mapping project at AGU conference

By donnahauser | December 15, 2020

AAOKH’s Joshua Jones leads the presentation of a virtual poster at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall 2020 Meeting, online Dec. 1-17. This poster describes AAOKH’s ice trail mapping project, which involves co-observing sea ice at Utqiaġvik in collaboration with Matthew Druckenmiller at the National Snow & Ice Data Center, and Craig George at the…

New students join the AAOKH team

By donnahauser | October 20, 2020

We are thrilled that new UAF students recently joined our AAOKH team this summer and fall! Welcome and quyana/quyanaq to Mik’ (Elizabeth) Lindley and Kim Kivvaq Pikok!! You can read more about each of our AAOKH-affiliated students and their interests on our Education & Outreach page.

Roberta Glenn

“The environment is changing and our people are intimately familiar with that change” – Roberta Tuurraq Glenn and Rick Thoman share their perspectives with ABC News

By donnahauser | September 30, 2020

“The environment is changing and our people are intimately familiar with that change, our livelihoods depend on being able to navigate these changes every day. And that’s what we do and that’s what we’re going to continue to do,” Roberta Tuurraq Glenn shared in a recent interview with ABC News. AAOKH-affiliated UAF graduate student and…

“Global warming is happening. It is affecting different villages in different ways” – Tikiġaq observer Guy Omnik shares his perspective with Native America Calling

By donnahauser | September 23, 2020

“Global warming is happening. It is affecting different villages in different ways”“Our ice takes longer to form… [and] disappears faster…ice is not as thick…[these changes] impact our whaling, our hunting…more animal migrations are coming earlier and earlier.” “I also collect observation data [with AAOKH]…this is an important tool we can use for the future.” Taikuu…

Slideshow of up-to-date Utqiaġvik area observations, satellite images, and trails

By donnahauser | May 15, 2020

We are working hard to keep Utqiaġvik satellite imagery updated at this slideshow website. We will post the latest AAOKH observations, MODIS and SAR imagery as well as comparisons of ice cover to previous years. Trails are being mapped, and will be added – note trails may change or be incomplete as the season changes.…

AAOKH contributes article to ARCUS Witness Community Highlights

By donnahauser | April 29, 2020

Alaska Arctic communities are the “first responders” to experience and detect changes in the environment given their deep connections to place and integral reliance on traditional resources. Here’s how we are working together to track changes: a story we provided to ARCUS for the Witness Community Highlights series. Quyanaqpak and Taikuu to our authors: Donna…

Latest AAOKH newsletter out now!

By donnahauser | April 24, 2020

We are excited to share our latest newsletter! This Spring 2020 edition features key observations and  shares first hand experiences from AAOKH observers about how this winter compared to past winters. Don’t miss the new visualization of AAOKH activities to see how all the pieces fit together to better understand the changing seasonal cycle in…